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WIKA Mobile Control is a leading manufacturer of load sensing, weighing, and control systems for lifting applications. WIKA Mobile Control offers overload protection and weighing systems for overhead traveling cranes, container cranes, bridge cranes, harbor cranes, and gantry cranes. WIKA Mobile Control also offers crane operator aids & control systems, including load moment indicators, and wireless / wired load, angle, and anti-two block systems for mobile cranes. These systems and sensors meet OEM and retrofit requirements in lifting applications.


cSCALE Control SolutionscSCALE controls can be used in any application from monitoring standard to custom control solutions.Download
fSENS - Force MeasurementWIKA has a variety of force sensors for your application, including load cells, load pins, and compression load cells.Download


  • iSCALE Control System Hirschmann MCS

  • Overload Protection for Gantry Cranes by Hirschman

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