About Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.

Manufactures a complete line of industrial casters and wheels, with load capacities from 120 – 40,000 lbs. Specialty casters, including stainless steel, spring-loaded and pneumatic are also available. Many standard products are available to ship same day or next day via Hamilton’s exclusive PRONTO service. Also manufactures a complete line of industrial platform trucks, dollies and trailers. We custom design and build special trailers, casters and wheels to fit precise requirements.

Case Studies

»Optimizing Part Delivery


Caster Specification WorksheetUse this pdf to help select the best caster or wheel for your application. Download
Design Principles of In-Plant TrailersLearn about all of the important criteria that involved with designing in-plant trailers.Download
Rolling Resistance and Industrial WheelsFriction is the resistance to sliding, rolling, or flowing motion of an object due to its contact with another object and plays a major role in the industrial world. Whether loads will be towed or pushed manually, proper wheel selection will significantly impact the results. Using the principles described in this paper will enable good choices.Download
Truck Specification WorksheetUse this pdf to help our design team get the specifications we need to design.Download
Why Select Hamilton...This two page pdf file summarizes the key points that differentiate Hamilton from its competitors. Download


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  • The Colossus: Creating the 50 Ton Capacity Heavy D

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Contact Us

1637 Dixie Highway
Hamilton, OH 45011

Mark Lippert, Vice President Marketing
Phone: 800-733-7655
Fax: 800-232-3733

Brands / Products

  • Ace-tuf ®
  • Duralast ®
  • Eleva-truck ®
  • Hamilton ®
  • Poly-Soft ®
  • Poly-tech ®
  • Superlast ®
  • Versa-Tech ®
  • Versa-truck ®

Product Categories

  • Air Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Casters, Wheels, & Tires
  • Fabricated Metal Products
  • Government and Military
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Other Material Handling Equipment and Systems

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