About Murata Machinery USA

Murata Machinery USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., is a pioneer in machining and a world leader in automation. Established in 1935, Murata Machinery is the sole manufacturer of Muratec brand machinery and systems customizing highly efficient, reliable factory automation for modern manufacturers and logistics providers.

Muratec manufacturers a diverse line of flexible automated storage, retrieval, buffering, transport, sequencing, and picking systems that are engineered to accelerate productivity, including Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Goods-to-Person (G2P), Rail-Guided Vehicles/Shuttles, and Conveyance/Robotic Automation.


ASRS SystemMuratec AS/RS SystemDownload
Taking Learning to the Next Four LevelsAS/RS install in world's largest private university/written by Drew Menard.Download
UL Series CraneMuratec Unit Load CraneDownload


  • Midwest Express - ASRS buffer for Automotive Parts

  • Muratec Promat 2019

  • KTH Installation - Muratec

  • Muratec Automated Parts Distribution - Hero MotoCo

  • Automated Material Handling

  • Automatic Guided Vehicles

Contact Us

Murata Machinery USA, Inc.
2120 Queen City Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208

Christine Spiegel
Phone: 704-977-2243
Fax: 704-394-2001

Brands / Products

  • Automated Guided Vehicles: A-Series
  • Automated Guided Vehicles: PREMEX
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval: FX Dual
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval: FX Quad
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval: Heavy
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval: High-Rise
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval: Mini Load
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval: Unit Load
  • CNC Turning Centers
  • Fabrication Machinery
  • Goods to Person Case Picking
  • Overhead Transports: SkyRav
  • PC Cranes
  • Rail Guided Shuttles: SHUTTLINER
  • Rail Guided Vehicles: RTN-X
  • Software: WMS
  • Textile Machinery

Product Categories

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
  • Cranes
  • Distribution Center
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Order Picking & E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Robotics
  • Sortation Equipment
  • Systems Integration Services
  • Warehouse