About Profielnorm USA

Profielnorm is a leading Global manufacturer of mezzanine floors and cold-formed steel profiles.

Profielnorm USA is part of the ‘Profielnorm Group’, a family-owned organization consisting of 6 divisions, based in The Netherlands, UK, Poland, and since the beginning of 2023, in the USA.

These divisions are focused on engineering, production, and installation of cold-formed mezzanines, and provide support to the group in terms of IT automation solutions and sourcing.

Profielnorm has thoroughly developed the cold formed system with C channel (main beam) and Sigma(joists), as a direct alternative to the hybrid IPE + C channel construction.

Because of the pre-punched hole pattern in the profiles, the system is easy to use, modular, and utility lines such as compressed air, fire suppression, electric etc.. can go through the profiles, instead of being installed beneath.

As a company, we believe in trustworthiness, transparency, and long-term business relationships.


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