Brightpick offers the world’s most efficient warehouse automation solution for ecommerce and grocery order fulfillment. The company’s end-to-end robotic solution autonomously picks, consolidates and dispatches orders in large, small and micro fulfillment centers. The Brightpick solution takes less than a month to deploy, enables warehouses to reduce their picking labor by 95%, and cuts costs for order fulfillment by half.

Brightpick uses Brightpick Autopickers, autonomous mobile picking robots that are like humans with carts, autonomously picking and consolidating orders as they move through the warehouse aisles. The entire Brightpick Autopicker fleet and fulfillment process is orchestrated and optimized by Brightpick Intuition software.

Brightpick is part of Photoneo Brightpick Group, headquartered near Cincinnati, OH, which has more than 300 employees and 5000 technology installations across the US, Europe and Asia.


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  • Brightpick | The world’s most efficient warehouse automation solution for order fulfillment

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