About omlox - the first open locating standard

omlox - World's first open locating standard enables interoperability in indoor and outdoor locating - leveraging technologies like UWB, RFID, BLE, WIFI and mobile broadband. Driven by a large community and hosted by the none-for-profit organization PROFIBUS International - PI.

Locating technologies are increasingly used in industrial manufacturing. Omlox is an open standard for precise real-time indoor localization system. It specifies open interfaces for an interoperable locating system that enables the industry to use a single infrastructure with different applications from different providers. As the same infrastructure is used, it lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) enabling easy integration of different applications. One key trait of omlox is that it allows for cyber-physical facilitation, combining the integration of industrial software and hardware solutions in one common ecosystem.


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  • omlox - the open locating standard: use case sustainability with omlox

  • omlox - the open locating standard: holistic fleet management / Lean AGV /AMR set-up with omlox

  • omlox - the open locating standard

  • omlox - the open locating standard: maintenance operation with HoloLens 2 AR glasses by Holo-Light

  • omlox - the open locating standard: the idea behi

  • omlox - the open locating standard: use case 1 for

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