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Founded in 1993, BlueSword is an E2E solution provider for smart logistics systems with core technologies in consulting & planning, software engineering, equipment manufacturing, system integration, and RaaS.
Relay on the industry’s leading innovative R&D team, led by PhDs from ISyE, Georgia Institute of Technology, and 200,000 ? intelligent R&D manufacturing base. We exported complete sets of logistics equipment to the United States, Germany, and Japan, and successfully listed 2020.
· E2E smart logistics system solution(Pallet-level Solution and Case-level Solution,etc.)
· Full series of self-developed produced logistics robots (Stacker Crane, Multi-shuttle, AGVs&AMRs, EMS, Aerial Shuttle, Picking & Sorting Robot, Packaging Machine, Depalletizer & Palletizer Robot, Loading & Unloading Robotic, Racks, etc.)
· Core logistics software system (BlueSword Digital Twin, 3D-SCADA, WCS, WMS, etc.)
· Whole industry benchmark case(P&G,Pepsi,IKEA,SHEIN,WINIT,CATL,VIPS, etc.)


  • BlueSword Muti-shuttle System

  • WINIT U.S.A Warehouse Made By BlueSword

  • BlueSword Conveyor

  • BlueSword Lift

  • BlueSword Super DC

  • WINIT Germany Warehouse Made By BlueSword

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  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
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  • Conveyors
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