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We believe automation should adapt to a warehouse’s infrastructure – and not the other way around.
Our robotic fulfillment solution for unit picking increases order picking efficiency and storage capacity of warehouses while improving the work environment of warehouse employees. This is achieved without major changes and investment in warehouse infrastructure, as our solution seamlessly integrates with existing flooring, shelving, boxes and leading WMS systems.

Caja Robotics’ fulfillment system is comprised of cutting-edge cloud-based software, specialized robots, and user-friendly workstations.

Futurize your warehouse with ease, with Caja’s flexible, modular system built for scale.


Caja Robotics to Automate Gaia Herbs’ Fulfillment Caja Robotics, a leading provider of advanced robotic automation solutions, will streamline fulfillment operations at North Carolina health and wellness supplements leader Gaia Herbs. This partnership marks another addition to Caja’s growing network of active installations in Europe and across the US. Download


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