About Verity

The Verity system automates the costly, labor-consuming task of inventory tracking. Flexible enough to tackle every type of count—from daily location changes to wall-to-wall inventory checks—the system frees up warehouse personnel to focus on more value-added tasks, while getting the job done right every time.

Like bees collecting pollen to make honey at the hive, Verity’s self-flying drones navigate through the warehouse, collecting accurate inventory data on
nights or weekends—literally while you sleep.

Installed in just days, the system operates completely hands-free to enable a zero-error warehouse. Once the data is collected, the system distills that
information into critical insights delivered directly to your WMS. And with that accurate information at your fingertips, you can start each day knowing the
right products are there for your customers exactly when and where they expect them.

It’s fast.
It’s easy.
And rapid ROI makes the investment virtually risk-free.

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