About AGILOX North America, Inc.

AGILOX is one of the fastest growing manufacturers for innovative advanced material handling solutions. Our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) use the highly sophisticated ‘X-Swarm Intelligence’ operating system to navigate warehouses and manufacturing facilities to deliver pallets and supplies without the need for a centralized fleet management system. This leads to unique advantages benefitting AGILOX customers.

The autonomous and self-guided robots are real team players which permanently, independently, and proactively optimize their routes in real-time across the entire fleet. Ease of use and scalability is on the forefront of the AGILOX idea: The system allows the user to add new AMRs and adjust the workflow to the user’s individual requirements in a simple process. To achieve this, all mechanical components, electrical engineering, as well as the entire software solution are developed in-house.


  • AGILOX OCF - Product Introduction

  • AGILOX ONE - Product Introduction

  • AGILOX NFK - Product Introduction

  • AGILOX IGVs - Corporate Video

  • AGILOX ONE with Cobot - Proof of Concept


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