Logiwa and Pipe17 Announce Strategic Partnership to Simplify Ecommerce Integration

Joint solution promises to unify operations for sellers and 3PLs so they can support more channels

Monday, June 10, 2024

CHICAGO, Ill., JUNE 5, 2024 — Logiwa Inc., a leading cloud based Fulfillment Management System (FMS) for high-volume fulfillment businesses, and Pipe17, a pioneer in ecommerce integration solutions, announce their strategic and technological partnership aimed at streamlining ecommerce operations for sellers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).
The partnership announces the availability of a joint solution designed to enable seamless integration of Logiwa’s FMS, Logiwa IO, into ecommerce businesses and 3PLs. This solution empowers users to efficiently scale up their selling efforts by expanding their selling channels and better aligning their ERP and financial operations..
Traditionally, integrating a Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) with selling channels and ERPs was a complicated and expensive process, often taking months to complete. However, with this joint solution offered by Logiwa and Pipe17, ecommerce businesses and 3PLs can integrate Logiwa IO FMS seamlessly and affordably, in a fraction of the time previously required.
Pipe17’s unique hub and spoke architecture allows Logiwa users to connect with any existing Pipe17 connection effortlessly without involving developers. Moreover, businesses can swiftly expand their selling channels, such as TikTok Shop, leveraging the rapid integration capabilities provided by this partnership. Logiwa customers can also harness Pipe17’s automation features, including order routing, to address complex business requirements efficiently.
“We are thrilled to be partnering with Logiwa on this solution. Sellers and 3PLs understand the value of unifying their Logiwa FMS with their selling and back office but have been put off by the cost and complexity,” said Mo Afshar, Founder and CEO of Pipe17. “With this new solution, they can now realize the full value of their investment in Logiwa faster than they ever thought possible.”
“We are excited to join forces with Pipe17 to deliver a groundbreaking solution that simplifies the integration process for our customers,” said Erhan Musaoglu, Founder & CEO of Logiwa. “With Pipe17’s strong ecommerce integration, our customers can now easily connect systems and expand operations quickly and confidently.”
Gain deeper insights into the functionality of our collaborative solution by securing your spot for our partner webinar on June 27th at 1 p.m. CT. Don’t miss out—secure your spot now.
About Logiwa
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About Pipe17
Pipe17 Inc. provides Ecommerce Order Operations solutions for modern merchants and fulfillment service providers. Based in Seattle, Pipe17 is the fast and easy way to make omnichannel order flows touchless and cost-efficient, from order to inventory to fulfillment across DTC, B2B and Retail. Pipe17 is the only ecommerce order ops solution that combines rapid deployment, seamless orders-to-anywhere automation, real-time visibility, and elastic scale. Learn more at https://Pipe17.com.