It’s in the Bag…With a Creform Kitting Cart

Friday, May 17, 2024

Greer, SC—Creform Corporation, a manufacturer of unique products for the design and building of material handling structures and automated guided vehicles has developed a bagged compartment picking cart for an auto parts manufacturer. Working in a collaborative effort with the user, Creform engineers developed a kitting cart that holds light weight parts that require surface protection, as well as uniquely shaped parts that need to be held in separate compartments. Storage in discrete compartments is a good way to protect parts from damage during transport and to also separate them for quick identification and easy loading/unloading.  Keeping them separate also keeps them from nesting or tangling.
The cart’s framework is built using Creform 28mm plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints that provide the necessary strength and durability yet allows the cart to remain flexible. The cart can be loaded from either side and is sewn together with hanging bags that are custom made for size and position. The individual bags are hung within the Creform pipe and joint framework via sewn in web loops.  The bag is made of cloth covered corrugated for strength and durability.  Depending on the design, compartment bag carts can accommodate various types of materials, from small parts to larger tools. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.
By utilizing vertical space efficiently, compartment bag carts can help maximize storage capacity while minimizing the footprint. This is especially useful in crowded or limited-space environments.
The cart measures 58” W x 39” D x 74” H, can hold up to 600 lb. and features four 5 in. diameter casters wheels for easy, stable and safe movement in any direction. Wheels lend themselves to easily moving the structure for housekeeping and/or repositioning.
The casters are equipped with brakes that can be engaged for secure positioning. The cart is also great for transport to point-of-use and temporary storage of all the parts needed for a job. The base of the cart is reinforced with Creform pipe that is hung below the cart’s frame.
As with all Creform carts, higher capacity and custom cart sizes and configurations are possible with the Creform system of 28 mm and 42 mm plastic-coated steel pipes and metal joints. When needed, they can be configured for ESD (anti-static) applications.  Further, Creform carts provide minimal maintenance requirements for prolonged durability.
A wide variety of pipe color options are available and upgrade hitches are available for AGV or tugger delivery. Accessories include hooks, label holders for shelf levels or even shelf positions, pockets for paperwork, writing surface with clip boards just to name a few. Creform carts are available as a kit, assembled structure or in component form for a complete DIY solution.
 Adaptability is a fundamental principle of Creform. The long term, component nature of Creform ensures that if there is any damage or worn components that replacement parts are readily available. 
The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and enhancing these programs. 
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