Toyota’s 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift Earns 2023 GOOD DESIGN Award

Toyota Material Handling receives 2023 GOOD DESIGN Award as testament to the engineering and design quality of the innovative, European designed and built 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Thursday, May 2, 2024

COLUMBUS, Ind. (April 25, 2024) – Toyota Material Handling’s innovative 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift – designed and built in Europe – was named a 2023 GOOD DESIGN® Award recipient, giving testament to the product’s world-class engineering, aesthetics, durability and performance. This model and the rest of Toyota’s advanced lineup of industry-leading forklifts reflect Toyota’s commitment to prioritizing customer needs, in alignment with the organization’s culture of Kaizen – or continuous improvement. 
“The Good Design Award not only expands awareness in the design community, but it also highlights the attention to quality, usability, aesthetics and ergonomics in Toyota products around the world,” said Greg Smiley, Toyota Material Handling North America's Head of Design.
Recognition for this award-winning product is prompted by its unique and innovative features. The multifunction display system helps enhance efficiency by notifying the operator of battery capacity and operating time warnings while facilitating rapid diagnostics to prevent unplanned downtime. Toyota's innovative System of Active Stability (SAS)™ engages instantly to stabilize the rear axle if the system senses the forklift is in a situation that could lead to instability.
The forklift also provides ample comfort for operators with its full-floating cabin and full-suspension seat that helps minimize shock and vibration. Toyota’s Operator Presence Sensing System and the optional seatbelt interlock encourage operators to remain properly seated with the seatbelt buckled.
Additionally, the cockpit-style operator compartment allows operators a clear line of sight and minimizes fatigue with its memory-tilt-steering technology, mini-lever controls, an armrest and a low-height dashboard.
The electric forklift is strategically engineered in alignment with Toyota’s sustainability initiative. With load capacities ranging from 4,000 to 17,500 pounds, the battery-powered forklift increases efficiency by combining the power and durability of non-electric models with its top-of-the-line AC drive motors, allowing operators a reliable material handling solution for indoor and outdoor environments.
In addition, the forklift offers standard speed control and performance modes to allow operators to select power consumption, acceleration and regenerative braking. This contributes to maximized efficiency, performance and operating time. The 80V Electric Pneumatic also extends outdoor lifespan through preventative technology that limits water intrusion and corrosion.
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