Join Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne at MODEX 2024: Showcasing Innovation in Logistics and Material Handling

Friday, March 8, 2024

Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne, proud members of the AMMEGA group, are excited to announce their participation in MODEX 2024, the premier event for the logistics and material handling industry, taking place March 11-14 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, Booth #A9922. Reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are thrilled to showcase our key products that are setting new standards in the industry.
Experience Our Cutting-Edge Solutions
Ammeraal Beltech will be featuring three of our standout products, each designed to meet the diverse needs of logistics and material handling:
Flexam EX: The Flexam EX series is at the forefront of our conveyor belt solutions, engineered for unparalleled durability and high-impact resistance. These belts are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of processing and conveyor applications, providing exceptional performance under even the most challenging conditions. With Flexam EX, we offer a product that not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures reliability and longevity, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. The series exemplifies our commitment to innovation, delivering a product that can withstand heavy loads, abrasive materials, and continuous operation, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring the highest standards of durability and efficiency. 
Flexam Solid Woven: The Flexam Solid Woven series exemplifies our dedication to pioneering safe and sustainable conveyor solutions. Crafted with precision and care, these solid woven belts offer an exceptional balance of strength and flexibility, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across a broad spectrum of industries. The Flexam Solid Woven belts are known for their robust construction, designed to provide maximum operational safety and minimize environmental impact. With advanced materials and a design that prioritizes both durability and eco-friendliness, these belts stand as a testament to our commitment to supporting sustainable industrial practices. Ideal for applications requiring a reliable conveyor solution that can handle various operational demands while promoting safety and environmental responsibility, the Flexam Solid Woven series is a perfect choice for businesses looking forward to a greener future. 
AMMDurance: Introducing our latest innovation, AMMDurance, a testament to durability and sustainability in material handling. This pioneering product is crafted from recycled PET materials, aligning with our commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising on performance. AMMDurance belts are designed to withstand extreme operational demands, offering unparalleled wear resistance and minimal maintenance requirements. Their exceptional durability not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly extends the service life of conveyor systems, making them an ideal choice for industries seeking sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Learn more:  
Megadyne is set to introduce groundbreaking products that embody our drive for innovation and quality:
Megaliner Live Roller Belt (MLR-45): In the forefront of innovation for automated warehouse systems, Megadyne's MEGALINEAR MLR-45 emerges as a paradigm of power transmission excellence, engineered to meet the intricate demands of modern intralogistics for OEMs. This super high-performance belt, crafted from durable polyurethane and designed with central aramid cords for uniform stress distribution, offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency. Its unique structure ensures optimal friction on metal rollers for secure item transfers and reduced friction on idlers to conserve energy. The MLR-45's green translucent finish facilitates wear detection, while the option of a black antistatic fabric reduces dust abrasion, enhancing operational longevity. Ideal for rigorous applications requiring flexibility, high efficiency, and minimal maintenance, the MLR-45 sets new standards in belt technology, promising to revolutionize material handling at MODEX 2024.
Megasync™ Titanium: Megadyne's Titanium timing belts are the pinnacle of rubber endless timing belt technology, offering unparalleled performance for the most demanding industrial applications. These belts are crafted using a unique compound that provides extraordinary resistance to wear and tear, oil, and ozone, ensuring they maintain their integrity and performance in even the harshest environments. With a robust construction that includes a high-modulus, low-stretch cord, Titanium belts deliver exceptional power transmission capabilities, precise timing, and smooth operation, reducing maintenance needs and enhancing efficiency. The design and materials used in the Titanium series make these belts an ideal solution for applications requiring durability, reliability, and the highest level of performance. Their superior construction ensures a long service life, making them a cost-effective choice for industries looking to optimize their operations with minimal downtime.
Rollpower™: Megadyne's Rollpower™ belts represent a breakthrough in the field of power transmission, designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial sectors. These innovative belts are engineered with an advanced compound that enhances their flexibility and wear resistance, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent performance under varying operational conditions. The Rollpower series is distinguished by its high transmission efficiency, which allows for reduced energy consumption and operational costs. Additionally, these belts are designed to operate smoothly under high loads, making them an ideal choice for applications that require reliable and efficient power transmission. With their superior durability and energy efficiency, Roll power belts are not just a component but a strategic asset for improving productivity and sustainability in any industrial setting. 
Built American Proud
Aligned with our "Built American Proud" principle, our engagement at MODEX 2024 highlights AMMEGA's profound commitment to the U.S. market — emphasizing our dedication to superior service, local expertise, and sustainable practices. This principle means our products are crafted with a blend of U.S. and imported materials by local experts, reflecting our pledge to enhance American lives, bolster the workforce, and ensure our operations are sustainable and efficient. It's about more than manufacturing; it's about localizing our supply chain, creating jobs, and ensuring seamless operations for our customers, today and into the future. By showcasing our innovative solutions at MODEX, we not only demonstrate our advanced technology but also our dedication to American manufacturing, job creation, and environmental stewardship, underscoring our belief in building a sustainable future together, with pride and excellence. Learn more:
We invite you to visit our booth to experience firsthand the future of logistics and material handling. Discover how Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne are driving the industry forward with our advanced solutions and commitment to excellence.
Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to mark your calendars for MODEX 2024. Join us in Atlanta and be part of a transformative event that is shaping the future of logistics and material handling. See you there!
About Megadyne and Ammeraal Beltech
Megadyne and Ammeraal Beltech, integral members of the AMMEGA group, stand as world-renowned pioneers in crafting and delivering cutting-edge conveying and power transmission solutions. With a legacy marked by groundbreaking innovations, our unwavering commitment lies in elevating efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across a wide spectrum of industries. From logistics and material handling to food processing and automotive sectors, our solutions continue to redefine industry standards, ensuring seamless operations and environmental stewardship.
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