Yard Management Solutions Empowers Businesses with New Advanced Safety Features

Monday, March 4, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1st, 2023 — Yard Management Solutions (YMS), a leading provider of innovative yard management software, announces the launch of state-of-the-art safety features designed to significantly reduce the risk of injuries in warehouse operations.
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a staggering 25% of all warehouse accidents occur at the loading dock. Recognizing the critical need for enhanced safety measures, YMS introduces revolutionary dock safety features that redefine the handling of trailers at the loading dock.
YMS Dock Safety Features:
1. Secured Loading Process: YMS ensures that the loading or unloading process cannot commence until the trailer is securely locked into the dock door. This simple yet effective measure prevents accidents caused by trailer creeps and early departures, contributing to a safer working environment.
2. Restricted Move Requests: YMS prohibits move requests for trailers in the process of loading or unloading, eliminating miscommunication and preventing the movement of trailers during critical operations. This feature enhances communication between dock workers and drivers, reducing the risk of accidents.
3. Clear Move Instructions: YMS provides drivers with clear trailer move instructions preventing any confusion about which trailer to remove from the dock. This helps avoid early departures due to miscommunication.
YMS Safety Maintenance Features:
1. Equipment Condition Monitoring: YMS prioritizes workforce safety by providing real-time visibility into the condition of all yard equipment. The system sends immediate alerts for damaged equipment, inspections needed, or preventative maintenance required. This proactive approach allows for efficient maintenance, reducing equipment downtime and the use of damaged equipment.
2. Visual Safety Indicators: YMS utilizes color-coded visibility modules to enhance safety awareness. Trailers in need of a safety check flash red, those requiring a Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection flash pink, and equipment needing preventative maintenance flash orange. Damaged equipment is clearly marked with yellow and black stripes, ensuring easy identification and preventing their use.
YMS Safety Accountability Features:
1. Clear Attribution of Actions: In the event of safety protocol breaches, the reporting system establishes clear attribution of actions. This means that when deviations from safety guidelines occur, there is immediate clarity on who is responsible. This transparency is crucial in holding individuals accountable for their actions.
2. Culture of Responsibility: The reporting system actively contributes to fostering a culture of responsibility within the workforce. Knowing that accountability is established and enforced acts as a powerful motivator for employees to consistently adhere to safety protocols, reducing the likelihood of safety breaches.
With Yard Management Solutions, businesses can confidently prioritize safety, reduce injuries, and elevate their overall supply chain management.
“You can’t put a price on safety in the yard,” said Colin Mansfield, Company VP at Yard Management Solutions. “Our customers’ response speaks for itself: they report zero yard safety incidents since implementing YMS features like the Secured Loading Process. We are proud to be at the cutting edge of the supply chain, and that starts with keeping dock employees out of harm’s way.”
About Yard Management Solutions
Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is a leading provider of innovative yard management software designed to optimize supply chain operations. With a commitment to safety, YMS offers cutting-edge solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also significantly reduces safety accidents. For more information, visit www.YardManagementSolutions.com.
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