Yard Management Solutions Introduces YMS Temp Guard Features: Reefer Tracking for Enhanced Efficiency and Product Safety

Friday, March 1, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1st, 2023 — Yard Management Solutions, a trailblazer in cutting-edge yard management software, proudly announces the launch of YMS Temp Guard, groundbreaking features designed to transform the way facilities manage reefer tracking, eliminating inefficiencies, and safeguarding product integrity.
Before Yard Management Solutions, reefer tracking posed significant challenges, with manual temperature checks consuming excessive labor hours and carrying the risk of spoiled products. The consequences of spoilage posed a threat to the reputation of logistics companies. YMS Temp Guard has been introduced to address these challenges head-on, providing enhanced visibility into reefer temperatures and minimizing the time and frequency required for temperature checks.
Key features of YMS Temp Guard include:
1. Effortless Reefer Temperature Monitoring: YMS Temp Guard makes it effortless to monitor temperatures in multiple cooling zones within a trailer, ensuring meticulous control over every corner. This level of detail has never been encountered before, offering unprecedented visibility into reefer conditions.
2. Temperature Tracking Methods: Reefer temperatures and fuel levels can be tracked via API integration with reefer systems or through manual entry for yards that don't own their own assets. Manual entry is user-friendly, with temperature inputs upon arrival and driver validation or updates after yard moves.
3. Immediate Notifications and Alerts: YMS delivers immediate notifications and alerts to relevant staff in the event of any temperature issues. YMS provides a visual indicator with blue indicating low fuel and red signaling temperatures outside the normal range, ensuring precise awareness of issues requiring immediate attention.
4. Efficient Temperature Checks: For comprehensive temperature checks, YMS Temp Guard incorporates a yard check module that accelerates the process. The temperature of each trailer is automatically presented for efficient validation and updates, identifying trailers outside the temperature range promptly.
“We have eliminated any lost product since implementing Yard Management Solutions”
- Elijah Robinson, ColdPoint Logistics
“Product protection is incredibly important. For years YMS has been the industry leader in tracking, monitoring, and protecting reefer trailers to prevent spoilage. Temp Guard provides operations with cutting-edge tools to protect loads, even if IOT sensors are not available. YMS monitors our client’s trailers by supporting multiple temperature zones and providing clear alerts when there’s a potential temp or fuel problem. Say goodbye to spoilage.”
- Colin Mansfield, Vice President at Yard Management Solutions
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