Yard Management Solutions Launches New “Magic Dock” Module

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1st, 2023 — Yard Management Solutions, a leader in innovative logistics solutions, is proud to introduce YMS Magic Dock, an automated dock door scheduler designed to streamline yard management processes and transform the way facilities handle appointments and trailer movements.
Before Management Solutions, facilities struggled with prolonged wait times at dock doors and errors stemming from inefficient manual dock door scheduling. YMS Magic Dock addresses these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive solution that significantly reduces wait times and errors while redirecting focus towards higher-priority tasks for enhanced operational efficiency.
Key features of YMS Magic Dock include:
1. Automated Dock Door Scheduling: YMS Magic Dock simplifies scheduling processes with its automated dock door scheduler. As soon as appointments are created, the system automatically assigns them to dock doors based on customer-defined rules, optimizing the sequencing of trailers.
2. Real-time Visibility: New appointments are highlighted in red until the corresponding trailer arrives at the facility. Once on-site, the appointment color transitions to dark blue for loaded trailers and light blue for empty ones.
3. Sequencing Based on Rules: The sequencing of trailers is determined by customer-defined rules, such as first in, first out, priority levels, and more. YMS Magic Dock ensures that trailers move through the facility in an optimized and organized manner.
4. Efficient Move Requests: After loading or unloading, YMS Magic Dock automatically dispatches move requests to bring the trailer back to the yard. Simultaneously, move requests are sent to drivers for the next trailer on the list. This seamless process minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.
5. Real-time Management Empowerment: YMS Magic Dock provides real-time visibility to management, allowing them to make changes on the fly. Manual overrides are easily executed for flexibility in scheduling adjustments. This ensures that decisions can be made promptly, contributing to a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.
“Dock scheduling provides fast-moving operations with the ability to have granular control over what is in their docks and when it should be there. Magic Dock puts this process on steroids, automatically routing trailers to the right dock doors based on customer or product. Yard jockey move requests get sent as the dock door becomes available, providing a frictionless process that eliminates wasted time and maximizes dock utilization.”
- Colin Mansfield, Vice President at Yard Management Solutions
“Automation at Dock Doors has become a necessity for many organizations.  Our new and improved Magic Dock is exactly what these organizations are looking for,” stated Seve Carnera, PMO Director at Yard Management Solutions.  “Embracing change based on customer requests as well as our ability to be innovative with solutions that lead change are second to none.”  Mr. Carnera also stated, “ In my many years in this industry it has been a breath of fresh air to work with an organization with a commitment to innovation that improve yard operations.”
- Seve Carnera, Senior Solutions Consultant & Director of PMO at Yard Management Solutions
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Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is a leading provider of innovative yard management software designed to optimize supply chain operations. For more information, visit www.YardManagementSolutions.com.
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