Bastian Solutions Celebrates Milestone 100th AutoStore Project

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Bastian Solutions is proud to announce its 100th AutoStore project, an impressive testament to the two companies’ shared commitment to customer success and innovative systems. This milestone marks a significant achievement and is the result of a deep-rooted collaboration that has grown since their first mutual project in 2015. 
Since this first project, Bastian Solutions and AutoStore have worked hard to expand industry standards and redefine what is possible in the supply chain industry. 
Toyota Material Handling Project 
Bastian’s 100th AutoStore project features an impressive installation at the Toyota Material Handling facility located in Columbus, Indiana. Designed and executed to address critical operational objectives, the system will reduce the warehouse footprint and elevate order picking efficiency and accuracy while improving, ergonomics, workflow and reporting for those working there. With the installation of 28 R5 robots and more than 90,000 storage bins, this AutoStore System will seamlessly support Toyota Material Handling's commitment to optimizing operations and emphasizes their dedication to achieving operational excellence. 
Long-Term Collaboration 
Beginning with Bastian and AutoStore’s first successful go-live in 2015, both companies recognized the value of working together and leveraging their unique strengths and expertise to create synergies that drive success. 
"Our partnership with AutoStore has been nothing short of exceptional over the last eight years. Our first collaboration for an apparel company in the U.S. remains an ongoing mutual customer relationship,” said Aaron Jones, President & CEO of Bastian Solutions. 
This client worked with Bastian Solutions to integrate its first AutoStore System in 2015. Since then, the retailer has expanded multiple times, utilizing Bastian and AutoStore’s combined expertise to meet their operational goals. 
“This represents just one of numerous instances where our warehouse automation solutions have revolutionized customer operations,” continued Jones. 
Looking Ahead 
As Bastian Solutions and AutoStore celebrate this significant project, both companies remain committed to continued collaboration, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. The 100th project serves as an impressive milestone for future endeavors, promising even greater advancements and transformative solutions within the material handling landscape. 
Mats Hovland Vikse, AutoStore CEO, spoke about the importance of the partnership with Bastian Solutions: "Our partners are critical to the delivery of world class solutions for customers. Their role involves incorporating our standardized, scalable technology to meet complex, diverse customer needs across the globe. We highly value our close collaboration with Bastian Solutions and look forward to driving continued mutual success". 
"Today, Bastian Solutions is North America’s leading AutoStore integrator with a growing number of opportunities across many industries including grocery, retail, and industrial distribution. Together, we have a bright future ahead,” Aaron Jones ended.
About Bastian Solutions
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is a trusted supply chain integration partner committed to providing their clients a competitive advantage by designing and delivering world-class distribution and production solutions. The expertise Bastian Solutions delivers includes exceptional results through a proven process of analytical consulting, engineering and design, simulation, project management, and installation services, while sourcing the best material handling equipment and automation technologies available.
With innovation at the forefront, the company also develops Exacta supply chain software, conveyor and sortation systems, custom automated material-handling equipment, robotics, autonomous vehicles and robotic shuttles, and state-of-the art industrial controls.
Bastian Solutions serves domestic and global markets, covering the United States, Canada, India, Mexico and South America.
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company

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