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1) Active storage

The area where materials, parts, carton, packages, etc. are stored for use in replenishing a picking or fulfillment operation

2) Bulk storage

The process of housing or storing materials and packages in larger quantities, generally using the original packaging or shipping containers or boxes.

3) Bin storage

May be considered a special case of shelving. The horizontal opening would typically be much narrower than that found in shelving and would have a vertical restraining member across the lower face of the bin opening.

4) Cube-based storage

Ultra-high density goods-to-person piece picking system which utilizes robots to store and retrieve inventory bins from a cubical storage grid.

5) Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems

AS/RS is becoming a generic term that today refers to a variety of means under computer control for automatically depositing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations. See also  Carousels . Although both of these technologies have roots that go back some 40 to 50 years, it is only since the late 1990s that AS/RS has been used to refer to more than crane and aisle applications.

6) Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS) Industry Group

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of automated storage/retrieval systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

7) Bulk container

Bulk containers are heavy duty containers designed for bulk storage material handling.

8) Crate

A box used to protect materials during shipping and storage. See also Container .

9) Aisle

The space between storage aids used by material handling equipment and/or personnel.

10) Case pick from pallet

This is a selection activity performed within a specific type of storage area (often pallet rack).  Merchandise movement into these locations is in pallet load quantities from receiving or reserve storage locations.  Merchandise movement out of these locations is in case quantities.

11) Block stacking

The action of putting objects into a block pattern in a floor storage area, usually more than one tier in height.

12) Commercial shelving

Shelving made from lighter gauge materials and designed to provide storage for lighter weight materials and packages.. Often carries a 350# load limit.

13) Collapsible container

A container (metal or plastic) that may be disassembled or dismantled into separate pieces or folded in order to save storage space. These types of containers can be reassembled or unfolded for future use. A container whose sidewalls collapse.

14) Cross docking

The process of moving merchandise from the receiving dock to shipping for shipping without placing it first into storage locations.  Information regarding the merchandise will be entered into the inventory and a transaction for shipping posted within one posting cycle, e.g. one day.

15) Carts

Wheeled devices, generally made from plastic and/or metal, utilized to move items within a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.  Carts can be equipped with drawers, bins, trays or flat surfaces to secure items for transport and storage. Carts utilize casters as well as pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels.  See also Trays .