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1) Mobile shelving

A shelving system that is mounted on floor or overhead tracks. The self- contained unit may nest or move against other units to facilitate space savings or move away from each other to provide greater access.

2) Open type shelving

Shelving unit with side and back of the unit open.  Various types of bracing are used to stabilize the unit.

3) Modular drawers in shelving

Mounted integrally into shelving arrangements, these modular drawers make effective use of space and can be housed nearby other nearby items to be shelved.

4) Open upright shelving assembly

An assembly of two posts and one or more pair of side sway braces or panel sway braces welded, riveted or bolted together to form the side of a shelving unit.

5) Multi level shelving

More than two levels tiered one on top of the other with each tier serviced from a separate level.

6) Mobile rack

A rack with wheels at the base that permit movement of the entire rack structure along tracks.

7) Multiple row, single face shelving

One generally continuous row of units joined together back to back to be serviced from one aisle for long items of considerable weight.

8) Nonstep beam application

An application in which the area of wire decking support in confined to the surface area on the top of the front and rear beams fo the rack.

9) Magnetic placard

Placard system made of magnetic material and used on metal racks and other metal surfaces.

10) Order picking

Order picking or order selection is the process of retrieving individual items (from storage locations) for the purpose of fulfilling an order for a customer. Schemes by which to achieve efficient order picking will vary widely. However, in all cases it involves locating the items in storage; creating a plan for retrieving the items; physically picking the items (either automatically or manually); sorting and/or assembling them into discrete orders; and in the end even packaging the orders for delivery. Although defined as a process, order picking cannot be achieved without the appropriate computer software and mechanical equipment, including the storage medium, such as pallet racks, shelving, AS/RS (including carousels) and flow delivery racks, and a means for transporting items from receiving to storage and from storage to packaging and shipment. A variety of industrial trucks and conveyors will be found in most order picking applications. Order picking may also involve robotic like devices for physically picking discrete items from their storage location. See also Warehouse Management Systems or WMS .

11) Nonstep beam

A beam that offers only one horizontal surface on which the rack decking can be placed.  Examples of nonstep beams are: "Box" sections, tubing channels, and I-beams.