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16) Two level shelving

Two levels tiered one on top of each other with each tier serviced from a separate level.

17) Multi level shelving

More than two levels tiered one on top of the other with each tier serviced from a separate level.

18) High rise shelving

Units in excess of 10'3" high and serviced by rolling ladders or mechanical non-entry stock pickers.  Normally tied together across the top over aisles.

19) Shelving post system

The vertical upright member that supports the horizontal shelf.  Posts are manufactured in a variety of configurations.

20) Shelving side panel

A sheet steel panel attaches to the front and rear post to enclose the side of the unit, or as a partition between units placed side by side.

21) Shelving side sway brace

Two pieces of flat or formed steel stock attached to the front and rear posts to prevent front to rear sway.

22) Shelving panel sway brace

An alternate to the side sway brace.  A panel of steel which attaches to the front and rear post to prevent front to rear sway.

23) Mobile rack

A rack with wheels at the base that permit movement of the entire rack structure along tracks.

24) Single row double face shelving

One generally continuous row of units joined together side to side to be serviced from either front or back by two service aisles.  May also be identified as "pass through" shelving.

25) Reel racks

A storage rack configuration (one or more levels high) that is designed specifically to store reels of materials such as cable and cord.  The reels are "cradled" in the rack.

26) Cantilever rack

A rack, utilizing "arms" cantilevered from columns, used where there is a need for a full clear shelf that can be loaded from the front without obstruction from rack support uprights.

27) Rack Association

The Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. is an independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry.  The membership of RMI is made up of companies which produce the preponderance of industrial storage racks.

28) Flow rack

Storage rack that utilizes shelves (metal) that are equipped with rollers or wheels.  Such an arrangement allows product and materials to "flow" from the back of the rack to the front and therein making the product more accessible for small-quantity order-picking.

29) Rack standards

Authoritative guides, or directives, used in the manufacture, sales and use of storage rack systems and components.

30) Structural rack

Steel storage rack made from hot rolled steel shapes, generally conforming to the requirements of AISC, such as angle, beams or tubing.