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1) Palletizer

Palletizers are special machines capable of building a complete unit load on a pallet. Although the most common application is for cases, some palletizers can also handle sacks and bags. A less common palletizer application would be for special products such as sheet stock. There are two general methods employed for automatically building a full pallet. One makes use of a fixed position or overhead gantry robot with end effectors suited to the individual loads, such as vacuum lifts or a gripper. The other method employs more complex mechanisms for forming pallet layers off line, one at a time, and then shifting or transferring each successive layer onto the pallet as it is lowered via a lift/lower table.

2) Pallet

Generally constructed of plastic, metal or wood, a pallet is a piece of transportation/movement equipment utilized in the movement of unit loads. Usually "fork-liftable" in that it is designed to accept forks between the top and bottom platforms of the unit. A portable, horizontal, rigid platform used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting goods as a unit load, often equipped with a superstructure.

3) Slave pallet

A pallet used in an automated rack system.

4) Pallet dispenser

A pallet feeder is a device used for feeding empty pallets.    It is often known as a pallet dispenser.

5) Base pallet

1)Utilized to form the base for a larger group of pallets or a larger structure.2) A randomly selected pallet utilized to determine the strength or durability of a group of pallets.

6) Expendable pallet

A pallet utilized for a single transaction and is not expected to be returned.

7) Fiberboard pallet

A pallet which is constructed from fiberboard material

8) Pallet length

The first dimension stated in categorizing or describing a pallet

9) Nestable pallet

A plastic pallet designed in such a way as to allow the pallet to fit or "nest" in another so as to facilitate better use of storage space. Pallets in which foot design is such that the pallets can stack within each other when empty.

10) Pallet life

The usable life of a pallet and is expressed in time in use or in the number of trips that the pallet has been in service.

11) Bin pallet

A four-sided superstructure that is mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover.  Also known as a box or container bin pallet.

12) Block pallet

A pallet designed with blocks of material between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck that serve as strengtheners and posts.

13) Stacking pallet

A pallet constructed in such a manner as to allow one pallet complete with load to be placed on another without damage to the lower unit load.  This is generally achieved by utilizing a superstructure within the pallet.

14) Molded pallet

A pallet formed  in a mold and made from plastic, wood particles or wood flakes.

15) Rental pallet

A pallet owned by a third party, different from the actual user.