Wildeck’s Guarding Products Protect Employees & Equipment

When Ronald Vincze, Quality Manager at Wisconsin-based Precision Gears, Inc., surveyed his facility with an eye on safety, one area that caught his attention was the unprotected ledges on the loading dock in the shipping and receiving area. Vincze saw several videos of Wildeck’s guarding products on YouTube and contacted the company. Wildeck’s EdgeGard™ Straight Dock Gate would help protect employees and personnel around the wide truck pits and loading dock bays. Wildeck’s EdgeGard™ Folding Dock Gate would provide a layer of protection between the entrance to the building and the loading dock area. Wildeck’s Wilgard® Guard Rails would provide a strong physical and visual barrier.
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Wildeck’s Guarding Products Protect Employees & Equipment
Wildeck, Inc.

Dan Lorenz, President

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